Honest review time: The Aegis Boost RBA pod

Here’s a look at something I’ve personally been waiting on for a little while now. It’s the RBA or rebuildable atomizer pod for the Aegis Boost, Geekvapes recent pod system release. It basically allows you to build your own coils for the Boost and serves it up in an RDTA or rebuildable dripping atomizer style pod. This one is just a review of the new pod so it’ll be short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts on the Geekvape Aegis Boost RBA Pod.

Package contents:

1 xAegis Boost RDTA pod
1 xDrip tip
1 xGV Triangular tool
2 xFeather cotton
2 xKA1 Coil (1.3ohm)
2 xN80 fused clapton coil (0.6ohm)

Listed features and specs:

Liquid capacity:2ml

Packaging and contents:

The RBA pod comes packed in a small black and orange box with an image of the pod on the front and a listing of the contents on the back. In the kit you get the Aegis Boost RBA pod, an extra delrin 510 drip tip, a Geekvape triangular multi-tool, a package of feather cotton, a couple of Philips head screws, a couple of extra springs and a pack of coils which contains two 1.3ohm KA1 straight wire coils and two 0.6ohm N80 fused clapton coils. Everything comes neatly packed and like always Geekvape includes some handy extras.

The Aegis Boost RBA Pod:

The Aegis Boost RBA pod looks a lot like the original pod that shipped with the Aegis Boost kit. It still holds a max of 2ml of liquid but the main difference being that it now uses rebuildable coils as opposed to disposable ones. At the top it comes equipped with a wide bore delrin 510 drip tip that’s pretty much geared to direct lung vaping. The kit also includes a much narrower tip that would be better suited to mouth to lung. Both tips are comfortable on the lips and do a good job of dissipating any heat that would make it’s way up the chimney.

Just below the drip tip is the threaded RBA cap. With a few twists it’s easy to remove and access the build deck on the pod. The deck on this thing reminds me of the deck on the Pharaoh RTA made by Digiflavor a sister company to Geekvape with dual spring loaded t-shaped posts. Because the posts have springs in them as you loosen the screws on the deck the posts rise up to make it easier to slide your leads in. It’s a well proven design which definitely makes things a bit easier but on the Boost pod the Philips head screws are fairly short so if you’re not careful you can back them right out and be left with your posts just popping right out. A minor complaint but for newer builders it can be a challenge.

Airflow to the deck comes from the bottom via a series of two large and two small holes. If I’m not mistaken the design is to help prevent any leaking and so far it’s held up great. Another thing worth mentioning is with the original pods after using them for a couple of weeks I started to experience some significant leaking. I’m happy to report that with the RBA pod it looks like they’ve done a much better job at sealing up the tank and so far after several weeks off use I haven’t had any leaking from the pod itself.

Also located on the top of the pod is the easy access top fill port. It’s secured using a silicone plug much like the original which is accessible without removing the pod from the device. It’s a tiny bit bigger than the one on the original which makes top ups just that little bit more convenient. It does still only hold 2ml which when paired with a beefier coil can go pretty quickly but when using it for MTL with some higher nic liquids or salts it tends to last quite a while. Right next to the top fill port is the AFC or airflow control. It’s the same as the original pod with a spinning dial with a single slot which you can open or close to your liking. It’s easy to adjust using only your thumb and it works well for adjusting the amount of airflow you get. I find with the Aegis boost rba you can get a decent mouth to lung hit or a fairly restricted direct lung hit so most users should be covered.

Build, wick and Performance:

Building on the Aegis Boost RBA pod is a breeze and with those spring loaded t-shaped posts it makes the job all that much easier. The deck sits fairly low in the pod so you might need to fiddle with your leads a bit to get them under the posts but any veteran builder will find it a cinch and any beginners should pick up on it really quick. For me I loosen off both the posts, slide a coil under one side and secure it then slide the other side in and tighten it down. There’s a good amount of space behind the posts to help trim your leads and avoid any shorts on the barrel housing.

I think for most wicking this thing will be the trickier part and I’m guessing many will try and make their cotton touch the bottom of the tank but the best way I’ve found for wicking RDTAs is to trim your wicks to a point and just lift the tips and drop them in the wick channels. The natural tipping action of vaping on the device will keep your wicks nice and saturated. If you over stuff the wick holes with too much cotton it’ll choke and not be able to feed the coil with enough liquid. I started off with one of the 0.6ohm n80 fused claptons and the flavour and vapour I got from it was on point. I later switched to one of the 1.2ohm ka1 straight wire coils and although it was much more subdued it worked great with some 20mg salt nic liquid I was using.


Honestly I have very little to complain about with this new RBA pod. It works well, is easy to build and is exactly what I was looking forward to for this device. I do still wish the capacity was a bit bigger especially when using a beefier coil like the fused claptons in the kit but it’s a small price to pay to keep the device compact and still retain it’s original look. I’m also very stoked that the new pods don’t leak like the originals which for me is a huge relief. I’d say this one would be well suited to any vaper who likes to build their own but still enjoys the convenience of an all in one device like the Aegis Boost.

How it adds up
Build qualityEase of useEasy access to deckDomed capEasy access fill portEasy adjust airflowWell stocked kitSpring loaded postsNo leakingSolid performance with included coils
Still only 2ml capacity
Build Quality8.5