Honest review time: The Aegis Boost from Geekvape

One of my favorite hardware lines from any company out there is the Aegis line of devices from Geekvape. They’re a series of built-to last mods that many people have referred to as the Apocalypse mods for their over the top durability design and construction. Seriously there are videos out there of people running these things over and they just keep on ticking. Most of the devices released in the line so far have been single or dual battery mods but none so far have been built around pod systems. Their latest release dubbed the Aegis Boost addresses just that. It’s a pod system that’s been built with the same durability and functionality of the other Aegis devices that came before it. Here are my honest thoughts on the Aegis Boost from Geekvape.

Package contents:

1 xAegis Boost (GV Boost Coil 0.4ohm 25-33w pre-installed)
1 xUser manual
1 xGV Boost Coil 0.6ohm 15-25w
1 xMicro USB cable
1 xCoil tool
1 xDrip Tip
1 xPromotion card and warranty card

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:106.8 x 27.7 x 39.2mm
Tank Capacity:3.7ml
Input voltage:3.0-4.25V
Output voltage:1.0-6.0V
Battery capacity:1500mAh
Charging:Micro USB 5V/1.5A
Output power:5-40W
Resistance range: 0.2-3ohm
Weight: 120g

Packaging and contents:

The aegis boost kit comes packed in a black on black cardboard box with a wavy pattern on the front and their iconic Geekvape logo in the corner, while on the back there’s just a little bit of info about the product. The kit I received was marked as sample so please note that final packaging will likely vary. In the kit you get the Aegis Boost device, a micro USB cable for charging, an alternate drip tip, a spare coil and a coil removal tool. Also expected in the kit would be a manual and warranty card but being a sample they weren’t included in mine.

The mod:

The aegis boost mod follows a very similar design to previous Aegis models and probably resembles the Solo or Mini the most but comes in just the tiniest bit slimmer. It stands 106.8mm tall, is 39.3mm wide and about 27.7 mm thick. It’s made of the same corrosion resistant zinc alloy body with durable silicone rubber and metal accents and still retains the IP67 rating meaning it’s dust proof and water resistant. It also uses the same AS Chipset which fires super fast at about 0.08s with slightly cut down maximum power output of 40W. The interface has been simplified a bit as well and the device only appears to support a basic wattage mode.

Starting at the top it comes equipped with a smoked plastic pod that holds a comfortable 3.7ml of liquid but from what I understand it will also support an RDTA which at the time of this review wasn’t yet available. The pod comes with a dust cap installed but I always tend to lose them so I set mine aside. The pod is held in place with a bit of friction and a little locking tab. On the back of the pod there’s a little button marked ‘Push’ where you can push down to release the pod from the device. It’s fairly stiff but keeps the pod locked in place very tightly.

On the working face of the device it’s got a faceted fire button, a small black and white screen and a rocker style up/down button. The buttons all have a nice click to them and not one of them has any sort of rattle or anything. On just one of the sides there’s a hidden silicone plug that hides the micro USB port for charging the internal 1500mAh battery and I assume firmware updates. It charges at a rate of 5V/1.5A so tops ups are relatively quick. On the very bottom it’s got some small vent holes should anything go amiss with the battery but it’s also got some built-in safety features like over-heat and surge protection. All in all pretty standard stuff for an Aegis device and from my experience with it so far it’s yet another welcome member to the Aegis family.

The Pod:

The pod that comes with the kit is shaped to fit the device perfectly. It holds 3.7ml of liquid and has an easy access fill port located on the top of the pod so you don’t need to remove it to refill. I find the round fill port works well but on occasion, if I fill it too quickly or it burps on me it makes a mess that’s pretty hard to clean up because of where it’s located and how it’s recessed. Right next to the fill port it also has an interesting airflow control dial which you can adjust from a full open direct lung hit to a fairly tight mouth to lung hit by simply turning the dial with your thumb. The way this kit ships though I don’t think this thing is really meant for mouth to lung vaping and seems better suited to direct lung.

The pods are made of durable smoked plastic and the kit comes with two different proprietary drip tips. Unfortunately standard 510 tips won’t fit but I was actually partial to the flattened tip that came with the kit so not a big deal for me. Because of that smoked plastic, like so many others out there it can be a bit of challenge to see how much liquid remains in the pod but holding it up to the light helps. The pods also use plug and play coils so swapping coils is a breeze, just flip the pod over, pull out the old coil and pop in a new one. It does have a short chimney so you’ll need to empty the pod a little bit before swapping or you’ll end up with juice all over. The kit also comes with a handy little coil removal tool that looks a bit like a wrench in case you don’t have long enough fingernails. I will mention, I have gotten a tiny bit of leaking but not from the coil, it appears to be coming from the side of the pod which may just be the one I got but it could also indicate a QC issue. So far it hasn’t been enough to be an issue but it needs to be called out.

Coils and performance:

The kit comes with two different coils but both of them are mesh coils and if I’m not mistaken both are primarily meant for direct lung vaping. I mean you could technically use either of them for mouth to lung but chances are it’s going to run fairly hot and the airflow and drip tips don’t really seem suited to it. The coil that comes pre-installed is a 0.4ohm KA1 mesh coil rated from 25-33W. It produces a nice warm thick vape with plenty of flavour and vapour to match. I’ve been running it around the 30W mark with the airflow wide open and it’s been a really pleasant experience so far. The other coil to grace the kit is a 0.6ohm KA1 mesh coil rated from 15-25W. It’s the lower powered coil between the two but the performance from it is right up there with the 0.4ohm coil. Flavour and vapour are just as full though it does run a bit cooler. This would actually be my preferred option as I tend to prefer a cooler vape and also like for my battery to last the day.


As expected the Aegis Boost is yet another solid addition to the Aegis lineup. The coils it ships with don’t exactly lend themselves to mouth to lung vaping but it works really well for direct lung vaping and with the two mesh coils it comes with the experience overall has been fantastic. Sure for a pod device it’s a bit on the bulky side but it’s made with the same durability features as previous Aegis models which I know plenty of hard working vapers can appreciate., I’m also excited for the fact that it will support an RDTA but as of yet haven’t seen or heard any further details on what that will entail. If you’re looking for an easy to use, tough as nails mesh coil pod system then the Aegis Boost might just be the one for you!!

EDIT: I’m adding a small warning that some users are experiencing some significant leaking from the pods.

How it adds up
Durable constructionAestheticsEase of useSimple interfaceRegulated output1500mAh battery1.5A quick chargeEasy access fill portPlug and play coilsPossible RDTA(not available yet)3.7ml capacityPerformance of mesh coils
Proprietary drip tipsFill port can get messyTiny bit of leaking from the pod
Build Quality7.5