Honest review time: eCloudz Approved from eCloudz

A few months back I started to write some articles for eCloudz magazine. It’s a bi-monthly online vape related ezine that’s Canadian based and run by the folks behind eCloudz an online distribution company. Well recently they sent over a set of new liquids that they are distributing under the name eCloudz Approved. I cracked them open this past weekend and wanted to share my honest thoughts on eCloudz Approved from eCloudz.

The bottles I received were 30ml chubby gorilla style bottles but they are also available in 60ml. The labels are all different and quite colourful with each bearing a fairly simple design on the label that somewhat reflects the flavour inside. All of the usual good stuff we like to see is there in fine print and they already look to be compliant with regs. I couldn’t find the ratio but I’d imagine they’re somewhere around the 70vg mark with the set I got all in 3mg. Here’s a shot of the bottles I was sent:


Setup: Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Official descriptions in brackets below. Remember taste is subjective and results will vary!

Source eCloudz

Oldie (9/10)
(Bottle: Vanilla Backwoods Cigar. Site: Oldie is a traditional favorite, a true vanilla tobacco that vary’s from palette, to palette. After hints off sweetness linger on the tongue that make this an e-liquid that stands distinguishes class.)
From Oldie I get a beautiful fresh dark tobacco with a sweet almost creamy vanilla finish. It reminds me a bit of a dark Cuban with a sort of fresh cured tobacco leaf taste, but also sort of sweet like a Cavendish blend. Whatever it is it’s definitely more like a cigar then a cigarette blend. It’s rich and decadent like a fresh cigar tends to be with just enough of that vanilla finish to make it truly satisifying.

The dark tobacco is pretty bold but comes off nice and smooth with the vanilla taking down the sharper edges that tend to accompany the fresher tobacco flavours. I usually tend to lean towards the slightly dryer tasting tobaccos but the smooth vanilla in this one really helps to tame the bite that more often turns me off off the fresher tobacco blends. To me Oldie is pretty straightforward and if you enjoy a good cigar with a nice hint of vanilla this would be one to check out. Not exactly an all day sort of thing for me but would go well with a nice after dinner aperitif.

Source eCloudz

Posh (9/10)
(Bottle: Candy Cream. Site: Posh is a strawberry orange smoothie, with a silky sweet cream. Starts off with a hint of orange, finishing with a smooth strawberry cream.)
When I first tucked in to this one I wasn’t quite sure what I was tasting. It reminds me a lot of the myriad of orange Creamsicle flavours out there that I’ve tried but different, significantly different. I had to go read the description to figure out what I was even tasting and turns out it was a pretty simple addition of strawberry but what a difference does it make.

More often then not I find there’s an odd waxy taste that accompanies orange Creamsicle flavours, I don’t really get that with Posh. Instead that little addition almost turns it into an exotic Creamsicle. Something about the sweet strawberry turns it into something entirely different with an almost tropical feel. Sweet strawberry mixed with a light orange twist. It’s very rich and creamy, almost buttery from the sweet cream but with a candy like edge like the name implies. By far one of the better orange Creamsicle type flavours that I’ve tried and one that I could actually stand to vape. Fans of sweet creamy things will enjoy this with it’s nice fruity citrus candy like undertones. For a guy who normally doesn’t enjoy Creamsicle flavours this one was my surprise favorite of the bunch.

Source eCloudz

Phizz (8.5/10)
(Bottle: Blue Razz Bubble. Site: Phizz is a blue raspberry champagne with a sweet slushie tone. Not your cookie cutter raspberry, with bold flavour and a crisp finish… this treat will keep you wanting more.)
I know what some of you are thinking, I know I was at least, yay another blue raspberry!!? But wait, there’s more!! Phizz isn’t just another typical blue raspberry mix, instead it’s a surprisingly refreshing mix of blue raspberry and champagne and this is coming from a guy who’s pretty much at his breaking point with blue raspberry flavours. Phizz actually stands out and like the description it’s definitely not a cookie cutter raspberry.

To me blue raspberry flavours are usually syrupy, overly sweet, artificial and generally just unappealing so I wasn’t exactly rushing to try out Phizz but when I did I immediately noticed it how different it was. It’s much crisper and lighter and really pops. The blue raspberry taste is still there but it’s made much more crisp, refreshing and dare I say it almost more natural tasting. Again though, blue raspberry isn’t usually my thing so I tend to bounce them off a couple friends for a thumbs up or down and this one lifted some eyebrows as well as some thumbs. A standout in an overcrowded crowd this one might be the most favoured blue razz I’ve tried yet.

Source eCloudz

Dip-It (7/10)
(Bottle: Grape Fun Stix. Site: Dip-it is a grape powdery treat with that candy stick finish. This retro blend will have you remembering the good ol’ days. )
Another popular oft done flavour Dip-it is a soft powdery grape flavour that tastes a lot like the old grape flavoured Fun-Dip with Lik-a-Stix we used to love as kids. It’s another one of those flavours we’ve seen quite a lot of but one that people still tend to crave. I myself don’t vape many grape flavours these days but have definitely loved them in the past.

This one doesn’t really set itself apart like Phizz did for me but it didn’t really let me down either. It’s a pretty standard powdery grape candy flavour and that’s about it. It’s straightforward and simple and that’s how a grape flavour should be. It’s not overly sweet and doesn’t taste like a mouthful of artificial chemicals just a nice nostalgic candy grape flavour that pretty much anyone could appreciate.

Overall I think the line was very well done and that’s from a guy who usually doesn’t enjoy 3 of the 4 flavours listed. While most of them aren’t exactly super complex, for mostly candy based flavours which aren’t an easy thing to do I think eCloudz did a fantastic job on them. If you’ve yet to give eCloudz a try I’d have no trouble recommending you check them out especially if you’re a fan of bright flavourful candy type flavours. And to Dan and the folks at eCloudz, thanks so much for sending these my way, I really enjoyed checking them out!!