Honest review time: Mission starter kit from Fundamental Particle

Pod mods are all the rage lately and there’s seems no end to the variety of styles and shapes available on the market. One of the latest to land in my lap was sent over from the good folks at Elegomall made by a company called Fundamental Particle. I couldn’t find anything much on the company who makes it but it’s a rather interesting kit if not for at least one feature, it has a retractable mouth piece and it’s barely bigger then an average portable USB drive. In fact most people I’ve shown it to have confused it for just that. Here are my honest thoughts on the Mission from Fundamental Particle.

Package contents:

FP Mission Body1
USB Cable1
Replacement Cartridge2
User Manual1

Listed features and specs(from elegomall):

  • Capacity: 1ml
  • Size: 83 * 25 * 9.5mm
  • Battery Capacity: 270mah
  • Max Wattage: 6.3W
  • Rated Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2
  • Quiescent Current: Less than 10uA
  • Output Power: Full power output, maximum power 6.3W
  • Atomizer Resistance: 2.2ohm
  • Charging Current: ≤400mA
  • Charging Time: About 40 minute
  • Color: Red, Dark Red, Black, Dark Green

The Mission Mod:

The mod is tiny, it’s currently the smallest kit I own of any sort. It measures 83 x 25 x 9.5mm and looks an awful lot like a portable USB drive, the kind with the slide out USB connector. It fits nicely in the watch pocket of my jeans and is the stealthiest kit I’ve used to date. It does give up a little bit in order to be so small like the battery capacity is only 270mAh and the pods themselves only hold 1ml of liquid but if you’re like me and like to carry a stealthy device around for certain occasions this thing is it.

One of the most notable features of the mod is the telescopic mouth piece. In other words you need to slide out the bit that you stick in your mouth. Again it feels like sliding out a USB key or sort of like you’re handing someone a stick of gum. The telescopic motion also triggers the device to fire so at full extension it fires while you take a pull from the extended cartridge/mouthpiece. There’s a secondary button on the sliding mechanism that lets you eject the cartridge. Admittedly the eject button is a little too easy to press accidentally and on more than one occasion I’ve watched as the pod essentially fired out of the device, it’s not springy enough to really go anywhere but if you accidentally press it while it’s in your pocket you will have to click it back in before using it. Once you get the hang of it however it’s a pretty seldom occurrence.

On the side of the device is a micro USB port so you can charge it on the go and there’s a little blue LED light next to it to indicate charging and when it firing. It’s low powered and uses quiescent current with a max output of 6.3w. I’ve seen this sort of setup in other pod devices and it basically means you can expect some pretty decent battery life despite the low capacity. I myself can get a day out of it when using it as a secondary device but might need to top up if trying to go the whole day with it alone. Interestingly enough the device can also be turned on and off with five slides of the trigger which likely means it also has the other common protections built in although I didn’t find them listed anywhere.

The Mission Pods:

The pods are also some of the most unique I’ve seen, they have a spring loaded mechanism for filling that you pull and twist to open. When you twist it to open it reveals two holes which you can use to fill it but also when you first use it you can use the opposing two holes to prime your wicks. The coil in the pods is rated at 2.2ohms and appears to use regular cotton. I accidentally fired the device when I first got it with a dry pod and scorched the cotton but luckily the pods are easy enough to disassemble and rewick. Not only that but I noticed the coil is held in with actual screws so you could also recoil it if you felt so inclined. Replacement pods however are available in packs of four for those who can’t be bothered. Longevity of the pods will ultimately depend on the juice used, personal vaping habits and of course QC on the coils themselves but I’ve been using the two pods(one rebuilt) for a couple weeks now and they’re still going strong with some 50/50 40mg salt based juice.

As mentioned above the pod itself acts as the mouthpiece. It’s rounded on the two sides but has a pretty flat end. It’s not quite as comfortable as other pod devices with their rounded tips but it’s also far from uncomfortable so I won’t list that as a con. Despite the 1ml capacity surprisingly I can typically get a full day out of one pod thanks to the low power high resistance nature of the kit. The fairly restricted draw it provides is ideal for mouth to lung users or those just switching from a cigarette and exactly what I look for in a pod device.


  • Discreet size/shape
  • Performs well for a pod device
  • Good flavour and vapour
  • Great mtl draw
  • Slick appearance
  • Build quality
  • Cool swiveling refillable pods
  • Rebuildable pods
  • Affordable


  • Low capacity
  • Short battery life
  • Can release the pod


I was very pleasantly surprised by this kit. At first I thought it was a bit gimmicky but quickly fell for it’s slick appearance, compact shape as well as it’s overall performance. I get that it looks a lot like a USB drive but this one actually works. It’s one of the most unique mods that’s come my way and considering my love for discreet little pod devices this one has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s also very affordably priced and while I’m sure it won’t be for everyone as it does have some drawbacks, if you’re willing to give up a bit of battery life and capacity in exchange for something that’s truly stealthy the Mission will be a tough one to beat. So the big questions for this little guy:

Will I keep using this thing? This one will definitely be staying in the regular rotation for quite some time!!

Who do I think this is for? I think this is getting a bit cliche but for both new and experienced vapers but specifically for those looking for a discreet compact but good performing kit.