Hosehead Slapshots – Grind Eliquids

ood day, Eh!

Welcome to my review of a local juice manufacturer to me, Grind Eliquids.  Most people across the country won’t have heard of them, and their line is exceptionally small. Only two flavors so far but boy, what an impression they have made with me. Gordon Tustin has really proven his juice can rumble with the big boys across Canada, and its nice to see some representation from Edmonton specifically.

I came across Grind Eliquids by winning a local charity waffle for a bottle of each flavor. After Gordon dropped off the juice, I loaded them up and here are my thoughts.




Grind Eliquids Work Hard

Lemon and Raspberry Coconut Crumble

This is the one that has had me hooked for the past several bottles. The very undertone of coconut is beautiful all throughout with an almost perfect lemon-raspberry exhale, Neither is jumping at me to be the more dominant flavor, and yet both compliment each other to the point of mouth watering deliciousness. A sweeter juice for sure, But not one that Ive had excessive problems with my coils with. Usually around 15ml before rewicking in my Kylin which I’ve recently dedicated to only Grind Work Hard. It leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste that just begs for more. Absolutely in my top 5 of all time juices currently.  A very very good desert vape. Work Hard is certainly not lacking in power either. I often talk about light vapes or harsh vapes, this is neither. It’s a very strong vape. The flavour comes out fully in both a dripper and a tank, and is enjoyable to me in both. However for the amount I vape of it, I feel like an RTA or Squonk is the only way to go.




Grind Eliquids Play Hard

Exotic Fruit Blend with an Icy Exhale

This one is a little harder to explain, The fruit blend is a nice mix of light melon undertone and sweet berries on the main notes. The Icy exhale is not overpowering at all, not like a heavy koolada or menthol. but more of a coolness that refreshes, reminiscent of a coolness of a margarita or slurpee. Play hard isn’t a top juice for me on its own, even though its a fully competant juice, and I think many people will find exactly what their looking for with it. Out of the two Work Hard is certainly the one I would choose every time, however Play Hard is welcome for a quick change-up, or when I want to reset my palette.






And that does it for this relatively local to me ejuice which I know most if not all of you have never heard of. It is available from River City Vapes online with links included here on the pictures.

Now take off, Eh!

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