Honest one shot: Lime Pie from Salt Nix

I’ve been a fan of Salt Nicotine since I first tried it, it basically re-ignited my love for nicotine and I’ve been carrying some with me ever since. One of my favorite lines for salt nicotine since I got on to it has been Salt Nix from Vaporus Laboratories Canada. It’s a fairly simple yet satisfying set of flavours meant to be enjoyed in high resistance low powered devices. Since the line launched they haven’t really grown much with the exception of a limited time candy cane flavour that came out around Christmas so I was quite thrilled when a new flavour showed up at my door to review. Here are my honest thoughts on Lime Pie from Salt Nix.

Bottles: The juice comes packed in a white box with a green stripe which represents the flavour. The juice itself comes in an opaque white 15ml glass bottle with a dropper top and a label that matches the design of the box. All the good stuff in fine print we normally like to see but not sure if they’re compliant with the new regs just yet. I’m not usually a fan of opaque bottles since you can’t easily see how much remains in the bottle at a glance but they look nice and it matches the theme of the line quite well. All of the liquids in the line are 50/50 blends and the bottle I got was in 20mg.

Setup: Testing was done in a number of devices including a Nicolas tank with 1.8ohm coils, a Justfog Minifit with 1.6ohm cartridges and an ECO D16 with 0.5ohm BFHN coils.

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary!

Lime Pie

Lime Pie

Site description: A tart and bright lime pie flavour inspired by the Florida Keys! This kick of citrus is paired with a delightfully sweet cream, offering users a sharp lime inhale and a combination graham/cream exhale.

My thoughts: I’ll admit I’m normally not a fan of lime flavours as I find they can often have an odd waxy taste that accompanies them. It’s put me off a number of lime based flavours and almost put me off this one but luckily for me it’s almost non-existent in Lime Pie. From Lime Pie I mostly get a bright, lightly tart key lime flavour with a smooth creamy finish. I don’t actually pick up the graham mentioned in the description and didn’t even realize it was there until I read the site description. To me it’s almost exclusively about the taste of the key lime which reminds me of the curd from a delicious key lime pie.

I don’t even miss the crust and would even think it might add a bit of bite or harshness to a really smooth and delicious lime flavour. As bright and tart as it is, it doesn’t wear on me and in fact I find it quite a bit more refreshing then some of the other flavours in the line with it at times it reminding me of lemon-lime Freshie or a lime Popsicle. It’s been a really nice bright addition to the Salt Nix flavours I usually enjoy and has quickly and somewhat surprisingly become a new favorite. Yes it too might be considered simple much like the others in the line but it packs a pretty decent punch which keeps me going back for more!

There’s a reason Salt Nix has been one of my favorite lines for salt nicotine based liquids. Although they may seem like simple flavours each and every one of them has been done extremely well. Even at 40mg the flavours remain smooth and consistent which I believe is due to the salt nicotine formula that they use. Lime Pie easily fits in with the existing line and easily gets my recommendation, especially for fans of bright lime flavours!!