Honest review time: The Geekvape Zeus Subohm tank

If you’ve been vaping for any amount of time or if you’ve been following my reviews you’ve probably heard of Geekvape and if you’re into rebuildables chances are you’ve seen the Geekvape Zeus RTA or possibly the Zeus Dual or Zeus X. All three are rebuildable atomizers sharing a similar theme but as we know rebuildables aren’t for everyone. I guess Geekvape wanted something that just about anyone could use so they recently introduced the Zeus Subohm tank, a very user friendly alternative to the three rebuildables already in the line. I got one from Heavengifts and have been putting it through it’s paces. Here are my honest thoughts on the Zeus Subohm tank from Geekvape.

Package contents:

1 xZeus Subohm tank
1 xMesh Z2 coil 0.2ohm(70-80w) pre-installed
1 xMesh Z1 coil 0.4ohm(60-70w)
1 xCoil tool
1 xSpare glass tube 3.5ml(straight)
1 xSpare parts pack
1 xPromotion and warranty card
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Fill method:Top fill
Drip tip type:810 drip tip
Capacity:5ml (3.5ml spare)
Dimensions:26 x 42.5mm(not including drip tip)
Colours:Black, rainbow, gunmetal, blue, SS, red&black, gold

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a black cardboard box with a black on black Geekvape logo on the front and a bright orange back, Geekvapes typical colours. The one I received was labeled as a sample so final packaging and contents may vary slightly. In the kit you get the Zeus subohm tank, a spare 3.5ml glass tank, a spare coil and a bag of spares. In the spares bag you get a pile of replacement o-rings as well as a handy little coil tool which looks like a wrench but with a rounded mouth. It’s for taking out the coil but if like most people you have fingernails it’s not really needed. Mine didn’t include any user manual, warranty card or anything like that but again it was labeled as a sample so it’s not really a surprise.

The tank:

The Zeus line of tanks all have one particular thing in common, they’re all top airflow tanks and the new Zeus Subohm tank is no exception. It shares a very similar design to the Zeus X or Zeus dual but instead of being rebuildable it takes replaceable mesh coils. It’s made of stainless steel, stands roughly 42.5mm tall not including the tip with a 26mm diameter base that bulges out to 28mm if you’re using the bubble glass. Starting at the top it comes with a thick delrin 810 drip tip that’s user replaceable and much more standard in shape than the low profile tip that shipped with the Zeus X. It’s comfortable enough on the lips and matches nicely with the tank so I’ve stuck with it. Just below the drip tip is the twist to open top fill. It only requires about a half twist to remove it which makes top ups super convenient. Two large recessed kidney shaped holes make filling it a breeze and so far mess free.

Just below the top fill cap is the adjustable top airflow which the Zeus series of tanks is known for. This basically means leaks are near non-existent and with the Zeus subohm tank not once have I leaked so much as a drop of liquid. The airflow is controlled via a turning ring with two large cyclops style slots and with stops at either end. At full open is gives a very slightly restricted direct lung hit but you can turn it down for a much more restricted direct lung hit. I really don’t think this thing is geared towards mouth to lung and you’d be hard pressed to get a decent MTL hit from it with the size of the drip tip and the airflow setup. One thing I will mention with the airflow at full open is it’s a bit loud and it gives it a kind of hollow sound when taking a pull. Closing it off just a bit seems to help though.

Moving down the tank, it comes equipped with a 5ml capacity bubble glass installed but also includes a 3.5ml straight glass if the bubble look isn’t your thing. I personally find bubble tanks a liability when they tip over so I switched to the 3.5ml tank pretty quickly. Even with 3.5ml it tends to last quite a while before needing a top up so it’s not a big deal for me. To change either the glass or the coil you just unscrew the bottom section of the the tank and you can slide off the glass or swap out the plug and play coils. Some indents around the outside add a bit of grip to assist in removing the base and the coil has a lip that you can use the tool on or just pull it out with your finger nails. Large juice holes in the chimney allow the juice to flow freely to the coils and also allows you to swap coils without completely emptying the tank. The tank also bears most of the same branding as previous tanks with the name Zeus nicely engraved around the top on both sides and the face of Zeus stamped on to the chimney inside the tank. It’s a great looking tank that compliments the line well and pairs up beautifully with any of my Aegis mods.

Coils and Performance:

The two coils the tank ships with are both mesh. The one that comes pre-installed is a 0.2ohm Z2 Mesh coil with a suggested rating of 70-80w. The other coil is a 0.4ohm Z1 mesh coil with a suggested rating of 60-70w. The only real difference between the two is the type of mesh they use inside them with the Z1 containing the thicker and bigger mesh though the difference in performance between the two I have to admit is pretty negligible. Flavour and vapour production with both coils is pretty solid but being a top airflow tank it has an airier feel to it than most mesh tanks would as the airflow has a longer way to travel before hitting the coil. There might be a slight impact on flavour but since it uses mesh coils it still puts on a respectable performance. Overall I still found it quite satisfying but folks who are used to bottom airflow mesh tanks might notice the difference.


One thing to keep in mind is the kit I got was listed as a sample so some changes may still find their way in to the final product. The tank as is however is a pretty solid addition to the Zeus family of atomizers and would be an ideal option for anyone looking for a solid mesh tank experience but with the added benefit of leak resistance thanks to the top airflow design. Many folks who aren’t comfortable with building may also want to check this tank out as an alternative to the other Zeus tanks in the line for the same sort of look and performance but with the added ease of replaceable coils.

How it adds up
Build qualityFit & finishEase of usePlug and play mesh coilsEasy off top fillFlavour and vapour with mesh coils
Airflow a bit loudFlavour a bit muted
Build Quality8