Honest review time: Salt Vape City c/o Drip Direct

Here’s a look at a new salt based line “Salt Vape City” that I picked up from the good folks at Drip Direct. If you’re not familiar with Drip Direct they are a large distributor based out of Quebec that carry an incredible collection of juice lines, some of which are among my top favorites. Needless to say they know what’s good and continue to add new and amazing lines to their collective. When I was at CVE Edmonton they set me up with a new salt nicotine based line called Salt Vape City which I’ve been enjoying ever since. Here are my honest thoughts on Salt Vape City care of Drip Direct.


The juices come in little clear 30ml chubby gorilla style bottles with fairly simple but nice clean labels. They’ve got the name Salt Vape City dead center with the name of the flavour just below and the silhouette of a city in the background which changes based on the colour. All the usual good stuff we like to see in fine print and they look to be compliant already with incoming regs. The juices come in a 50/50 blend and the set I got was in 40mg. Here’s a shot of the bottles I got:

Salt Vape City


Testing was done in a number of devices including a Nicolas tank with 1.8ohm coils, a Justfog Minifit with 1.6ohm cartridges and an ECO D16 with 0.5ohm BFHN coils.

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!

Salt Vape City Uptown Tobacco

Uptown Tobacco is a pretty straight forward tobacco blend. It leans more towards the fresher side of tobaccos with a fairly dark wet tobacco taste. For me it’s more of a pipe tobacco sort of mix something like a Perique or a variety of Burley. It’s not mixed with caramel or vanilla or anything like that, just a straight up lightly sweet fresh tobacco blend. I tend to prefer a slightly drier tobacco taste myself but I found in a pod type device that often biting fresh taste of the tobacco is somewhat subdued. Admittedly it’s still not something that I’d long for but I didn’t mind it while testing it and easily got through a couple of pod fulls of it to write the review. Fans of straightforward and uncomplicated tobacco blends will likely appreciate this one!!

Salt Vape City Salty Custard

Salty Custard is a vanilla custard flavour and much like Uptown Tobacco it keeps things pretty simple. I was half expecting it to have a salted caramel sort of taste but I really don’t pick up much of a caramel taste to it at all. Maybe a hint of it but it’s really more of a straightforward vanilla custard which almost anyone could appreciate. I was never able to taste the salt in salted caramel flavours anyway so it’s not a big loss for me. I love vanilla custards and cut my teeth on them so a nice one is always a welcome experience and Salty Custard has been steadily refilling my pods. It’s familiar, simple, easy and makes for a great anytime flavour. Anyone who appreciates a good vanilla custard flavour would do well to check this one out.

Salt Vape City Mango Madness

This one has the most pop out of the three. It’s a super bright and refreshing mango flavour with a nice bright tropical punch to it. Like the other two though it’s fairly simple and I really don’t pick up much beyond the initial blast of mango. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s really really tasty and it too has been steadily filling up my pods lately. It’s nice and smooth, just a tiny bit tart but it almost has a creamy feeling at times so it’s not biting or sharp in anyway despite the slight tartness. It’s just a nice refreshing hit of bright tasty mango and boy does it hit the spot. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s summer but this one was hands down my favorite of the three and anyone who enjoys a good mango flavour will appreciate what Mango Madness brings. This one easily gets my recommendation!!


As with many salt nicotine based lines, the flavours in Salt Vape City are quite simple and straightforward. That’s not to say they aren’t good, in fact I personally enjoyed all of them quite a lot myself but most salt based flavours are modest for a reason. In high resistance, high nicotine vaping you can’t take massive hits and the flavour tends to be a bit more subdued so simpler flavours tend to work really well as the complexity of others may not come through in such setups. I myself really love salt nicotine based liquids and always have a pod or two on me and I can say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Salt Vape City even despite their simplicity. If you enjoy salt based liquids then these are definitely worth checking out!!