Honest review time: The Utopia line and Halliday from All day Vapor

Here’s a look at a new set of salt based flavours from a company called All Day Vapor. I’m sure many of you have seen them around as I know they were being sold along with some pod devices toward the end of last year in quite a few of the shops I visited. Well with the new year comes some new flavours which I believe they launched just at the tail end of 2018 and even includes a holiday themed flavour which I was fortunate enough to get my hands on. Here are my honest thoughts on The Utopia line and Halliday from All Day Vapor.


The juices come in little dark coloured 30ml Cubby Gorilla type bottles. The labels follow the same theme as their original lineup with a bunch fruit related to the flavour sort of wrapping around the logo and name of the flavour. I think the bottles look really sharp and the reflective foil labels give them an extra bit of pop. One thing to note about All Day Vapor is they are one of the few companies out there producing salt based liquids that don’t use Benzoic acid so it should be even smoother than your typical salt liquids. The juices come in 65VG blends and the set I got was all in 12mg. Here are some shots of the bottles I received:


Testing was done in a Berserker MTL RDA and a Galaxies MTL RDA with simple 30g kanthal builds, about 6/7 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to about 1.8ohms and running between 10-15w. RDAs were washed and rinsed in between flavours. Some were also tested in a variety of pods including a Pod 9, Prime Soul and a MiniFit.

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary. Please check this link for a list of authorized retailers!

Haka Punch

Description: Pineapple, Guava and Tropical Fruits.

My thoughts:  Haka Punch starts off with a fairly big punch of Guava, slightly sweet, slightly sour followed closely by the pineapple which as many pineapple flavours do has a hint of a gummy candy taste to it. I’m not sure if it’s the pineapple or a combination but the whole thing ends up with a slight hard candy like taste to it which I actually find quite pleasant. It’s almost hard to say which I get more of the guava or the pineapple but I definitely taste both. After spending some time with it I really can’t say what the other tropical fruits are in the mix as none of them really come forward distinctly but it definitely has a tropical vibe to it.

One thing about Haka Punch I noticed is it tends to start off pretty strong but after vaping on it for a while I notice the flavour tends to drop off a bit. Like it starts tasting lighter and lighter as I vape it. It’s pleasant enough but I almost feel like it could use a tiny bit more of a punch, at least based on the name anyway. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy it and fans of guava and pineapple will likely appreciate this one with it’s slightly sweet and slightly sour tropical elements!

Island Tings

Description: Blueberry and Lime.

My thoughts:  Island Tings also starts off pretty strong with a nice punchy lime flavour with just a hint of cool to finish it off. It’s not minty or menthol, just a slight cooling sensation and mostly on the exhale. It’s not mentioned in the description so for folks who don’t like cool vapes it should be noted. Despite the description the blueberry for me doesn’t really come through but you can tell the lime isn’t on its own, there’s definitely a bit more to it I just can’t definitively say it’s blueberry myself. It’s not really a sweet flavour either and comes off more tart than anything and even has a very slight dry finish to it.

It kind of reminds me of a glass of ice water with a slice of lime in it, sort of cool and refreshing but not really sweet at all if that makes sense. However I think it’s that lack of sweetness that lets this one in particular burn extremely clean and I’m sure I could easily get through the entire bottle with hardly a sign from my cotton. This one will definitely be for those who like citrus flavours but also like to keep the sweetness to a minimum.


Description: Strawberry, Melon and Banana.

My thoughts: This one was hands down my favorite of the new Utopia line. It’s a very flavourful combination of strawberry, banana and cantaloupe melon. The strawberry and banana sort of compete for space up front and give the flavour that classic mouth feel a lot of strawberry banana flavours tend to have. Like there’s something quite round about the way it tastes, if you know what I mean. It’s also probably the sweetest of the bunch with the strawberry giving it considerably more sweetness than the other two in the set.

The cantaloupe for me tends to come out more on the exhale and in the aftertaste. I absolutely love melon flavours and usually tend to lean more towards honeydew but the shot of cantaloupe in Meloha works perfectly with the strawberry and banana that I couldn’t imagine a better trio. It almost has a creaminess to it from the banana and the taste of it kind of reminds me of those Melona bars you can get at the Asian market. Really tasty stuff and it’ll probably be the first one done of this set.

Halliday(Limited holiday edition)


Description: Warm apple pie cinnamon swirl

My thoughts: I didn’t even see this one (halliday) listed on their website and as far as I can tell it’ll only be here for the holidays so if this one interests you I’d definitely recommend picking some up now before it’s all gone.

With Halliday I get a really wonderful mix of sweet apple pie upfront with a warm cinnamon swirl finish. The apple pie comes off thick, almost syrupy with a nice mild cooked apple taste. Not tart at all just soft warm cooked apple. It reminds me of the thick gooey filling of a fresh baked apple pie, one that maybe has a touch of caramel in the mix.

Rather than a traditional pie crust sort of taste this one finishes off with a light cinnamon swirl that ends up working really well with the warm cooked apples. There’s just something about that combination of apples and cinnamon that work incredibly well together and Halliday pairs them together perfectly. The cinnamon is fairly mild and doesn’t have that dry potpourri taste to it that I can’t stand, just a nice light spicy finish.

For some odd reason despite being rather mild going in this one does have a bit more throat hit to it compared to the others. It’s not unbearable and it really didn’t stop me from vaping it but it should be mentioned for those who can’t handle any sort of throat hit. Compared to the others this one definitely has a bit more sweetness but it’s still fairly light compared to other juices out there which should still bode well for your cotton and coils.


One thing I should mention is I found the throat hit from these was extremely mild with the exception of Halliday and even it was quite mild by comparison which I imagine is on account of them being benzoic acid free. I did test these in a 12mg strength so I can’t really comment on higher strengths but if they’re anything like these you can expect a nice smooth experience with any of the flavours. I really appreciated how clean these all were and wouldn’t have any trouble recommending folks try them out based on that alone. They are distributed by Pacific Smoke International so they should be readily available but make sure to check the link above for the list of certified vendors. Huge thanks to All Day Vapor and great job on the halliday and utopia line!!