Honest review time: The Vapeonly Space

Here’s a look at a Billet box style device released from a company called Vapeonly. A Billet Box if you’re not familiar is an all aluminum AIO device designed and built in the US which was invariably imitated and copied by numerous companies trying to capitalize on it’s success. Vapeonly looks to have taken quite a few queues from the legendary device when building their latest. It’s called the Vapeonly Space and I got mine from Heavengifts.com a retailer out of China that specializes in vaping products.

Package contents:

1 xSpace battery body
1 xSpace pod(0.6ohm coil)
1 xSpare 0.4ohm coil
1 xType-C charging Cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xWarranty Card

Listed features and specs:

Size:49.0 x 24.1 x 91.0 mm
Power range:5W-60W
Support Resistance: 0.4Ω/0.6Ω/1.2Ω
Voltage Output:0.2V-5V
Tank Capacity:3.5ml
Battery:single 18650 battery(not included)
Voltage/Current Input:5V/2A
Screen size:0.69 inch
Charging port:Type-C
Material:Aluminum alloy、Chromium-plated brass、PCTG

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in white cardboard box with a window cutout on the front so you can see the device inside. On the back it lists the specs, features and contents as well as some basic company info. In the kit you get the Vapeonly Space device, a spare coil, a short USB type-C cable, a user manual and a warranty card. Not really any extras in the kit but you get what you need to get started.

The Space mod:

The mod as I’ve already alluded to borrows it’s look from the iconic Billet Box(BB). It too appears to be mostly made of aluminum but not cut from a single billet like the infamous BB it borrows it’s design from. Instead it appears to have an outer aluminum shell with the internal components being mostly made of plastic. It definitely helps keep it nice and light but doesn’t quite have that solid construction feel of the real thing. Starting at the top it comes equipped with a fairly stubby but standard 510 drip tip, an always welcome feature.

On either side it’s inlaid with a slick resin like inlay with only one side sporting a removable panel. The panel has a sliver of a window cutout to help see the liquid in the internal tank. On the side opposite the cutout it’s got a single round metal button placed about three quarters of the way up and off to one side. It’s comfortably placed and works well with either hand and can be either thumb of finger fired depending on how you orient it. On one of the edges it’s got some vent holes as well as a USB type-C charge port. The vent holes allow airflow to the tank and coil while the charge port and tiny indicator light allow you to charge the 18650 battery that it uses, which you’ll have to source yourself. It charges at at rate of 5V/2A so it’s a reasonably quick charge.

With the panel off we can see the rest of the controls and the little black and white screen, it’s got up/down adjustment buttons and a central Mode button. It’s got a very simplified menu and pressing the mode button lets you cycle through the three modes it has, P for Wattage, V for Voltage and S for Simple mode which simply give the options of Low, Mid and High. Basically this thing has three regulated output modes with a max output of 60W without any of the temp control or other gimmicks manufacturers usually try to cram in. It makes it very easy to manage and new or old users alike should be able to pick it up without any issues.

The Space tank and coils:

Now on the original BB it used what was referred to as a boro tank. A removable tank with a sliding borosilicate glass door that used a variety of coils and rbas thanks to various ‘bridges’ as they were called. The Space also uses a removable tank but it’s much more like the PCTG tanks we’d see on many pod devices these days. It holds 3.5ml of liquid and uses pretty standard coils but comes with a plug and play style base which lets you slide them in and out of the tank. It doesn’t have any type of chimney in the tank so you’ll need to drain it most of the way before changing coils or risk dumping juice everywhere. The base also doubles as the airflow control similar to other pod systems with dual cyclops style slots that can be opened or closed. It allows for a reasonably tight mouth to lung or slightly restricted direct lung. Considering it ships with two mesh coils though I mainly ran this in direct lung. On the front face of the tank is a small silicone plug that you can use to fill the tank without removing it from the device. I’m not sure if they’ll release other bridges for this tank but it would be nice to see at the very least an rba adapter for it.

The kit comes packed with two different coils, one is a 0.6ohm vAir-Mi coil rated from 15-24W while the other is a 0.4ohm vAir-M coil rated from 25-35W. Both coils are mesh based and produce a decent amount of vapour but I have to say I had a bit of a an odd experience with the 0.6ohm coil I loaded up first, it just tasted really off. I’m not sure if the tank needed a thorough cleaning or if it was just something up with the coil but after giving it a thorough rinse and replacing the coil, the overall experience greatly improved. Flavour with the 0.4ohm coil was well defined and it produced some nice flavourful clouds. I ran the 0.6ohm coil for a couple of days before I couldn’t take it anymore and switched and have been running the 0.4ohm coil for the past two weeks. Of course mileage may vary depending on what you’re vaping, how much and your personal vaping habits.


I’ve got to give it to the Space, it’s a decently built little device that performs quite well. Yes I did have an issue with one of the coils but it didn’t take away from the overall experience and I’m guessing it won’t be the case for most folks. Overall I would say the Space would make a pretty solid BB alternative if you can’t afford one or just aren’t able to source the real thing. Without any fancy features like TC or curves, managing the device is really easy so it would be well suited to new vapers but also seasoned vapers who just like to keep things simple. With almost nothing to complain about I’m giving the Space a thumbs up!

How it adds up
510 replaceable tipBuild qualityEase of useEasy access tankPlug and play coil baseSimplified menu5V/2A USB Type-C
Problem with one coilNot really ideal for MTL
Build Quality8.5