Honest review time: The Profile RDA from Wotofo

Here’s a look at an innovative new mesh RDA sent over from Wotofo that I’ve been having some fun with. For the past year or so mesh coils it seems have been at the center of attention with their above average performance, longer than average life span and their multitude of implementations. The industry has seen countless subohm mesh coils, mouth to lung mesh coils, mesh RTAs and even mesh RDAs and while the premade coil market seems to have mostly figured the formula out the rebuildable mesh market hasn’t seen a whole lot of innovation of late. Enter Wotofo with an innovative new solution to a rather common problem mesh builders often encounter called cotton collapse. It’s called the Profile RDA and it was designed in cooperation with a man nicknamed Mr. JustRight aka Joel Robinson from East Texas who happens to be a notable figure in the vape community and an absolute genius of a designer if you ask me. Here are my honest thoughts on the Profile RDA from Wotofo.

Package contents:

1pcProfile RDA
1pcUser Manual
1pc6mm Agleted Cotton Strip
1pcExtra 810 Drip Tip
1pcBending Tool
1 bagClapton Coil
1 bagMesh Style Coil Sheets
1 bagExtra Orings & Screws

Listed features and specs:

  • Flavor can be broken down layer upon layer
  • Break-through mesh style heating element
  • Easy to switch between mesh and wire coils
  • Spring-loaded ceramic support ensuring contact between mesh and cotton
  • 24mm sleeve with accurate air inflow
  • Experience from cool vape to warm vape
  • Up to 30 puffs at 75W before needing to resaturate the wick when using pancake wicking method
  • Size: 24*32.5mm

Mesh Style Coil Sheet Specs:

  • Material: Kanthal A1
  • Size: 16*6.8mm
  • Resistance: 0.18ohm
  • Recommended Wattage: 40-60W

Packaging and contents:

Profile RDA

The kit comes packed in a small cardboard box splattered in a bright slime green print, Wotofos typical colour scheme of choice. The box is windowed so you can see the RDA within in all its glory which is handy when matchy matchy is a concern. On the back it lists the contents of the kit as well as some basic company information and there’s an authenticity scratch n sniff sticker on the bottom of the box. Inside the Profile RDA is neatly presented in a cardboard lined sponge insert along with an additional drip tip of a different colour and material. In the kit you get the Profile RDA, the extra drip tip, a user manual, a bag of tools and four little vacuum sealed bags containing, a sample of Wotofos Agleted cotton, some spare orings, spare screws and a non-squonk center pin, an n80 framed staple Clapton rated at 0.33ohms, and two mesh style coils rated at 0.18ohms. For tools you get an allen key, a neat little Wotofo branded coiling rod and a Philips head screwdriver. Gone are the days of the little blue screwdriver and you got to give Wotofo props for their well labeled neat and tidy packaging,

The RDA:

With the cap on, the Profile RDA at a glance might seem pretty non-descript. It’s topped with a nice multi-colored resin 810 drip tip that can be swapped out for a translucent one if you find the resin one to be too colourful. It’s made of stainless steel and it’s available in a variety of colours including stainless steel, black, blue, gunmetal, gold and rainbow. It’s 24mm in diameter and stands 32.5mm tall so it’s fairly compact in size. It’s not overly embellished with just a slight taper at the top followed by a groove where the top cap meets the outer sleeve and a simple logo with the name Profile peeking through some clouds on one side.

The airflow comes in from both sides via two arrays of 19 tiny holes. I usually refer to it as perforated and it gives the airflow a very smooth quality. At full open it’s fairly airy but you can adjust it by turning the upper top cap piece where two sets of graduated blades lets you cutoff some or all of the top row of holes or some or most of all of the holes. It would have been nice to have a middle option as it goes from a small change to a fairly big change without much of a middle ground but I was still able to find a comfortable setting for myself. On the bottom it comes pre-installed with a gold plated 510 squonk pin but the kit doesn’t include a non-squonk pin. Instead it comes with a non-squonk screw that goes in to the top of the deck to close off the hole from the other side. Also on the bottom there’s a screw to secure the negative post to the deck which is skirted by some company branding, the name of the RDA and a tag that says #MRJUSTRIGHT. The 510 pin might be considered adjustable but I didn’t see it advertised anywhere.

The Deck:

Popping off the cap reveals a deck that is considerably smaller than the top cap would have you think. The diameter of the deck itself is smaller than 22mm and the rest of the 24mm diameter of the RDA is made up by the thickness of the top cap, which if I didn’t mention already is thick. Inside the top cap it’s not exactly concave but it is sort of tapered up towards the mouth piece to help condense the vapour and improve flavour. It’s also notched so it will line up and lock in to place with the deck which helps with turning the airflow. But it’s not the cap that makes this thing special, it’s the deck. One of the challenges of using mesh RDAs and mesh RTAs is the wicking. More specifically it’s what builders often refer to as cotton collapse where after using a mesh coil for some amount of time the cotton under a coil will eventually collapse leaving a gap between the mesh and the cotton. This can lead to an often very metallic tasting dry hit which if you’ve ever experienced one you’ll likely want to avoid. That’s where Mr. JustRight with his innovative spring loaded deck design come in.

Using a ceramic spring loaded block underneath the coil it gives light but constant pressure to the cotton wicking that will sit underneath your mesh coil. Not only does it ensure your cotton will always make perfect contact with your coil but it has a hole in the center where the squonk channel feeds up to so when you squonk with the Profile it directly saturates the cotton underneath the coil without any tipping back and forth to make sure things are evenly saturated. The deck is small and the chamber is fairly small thanks to that extra thick top cap meaning the flavour I’ve been getting from this ground breaking RDA has been phenomenal!

Build, Wick and Performance:

Building on the Profile has also been a treat. Two Philips head screws one on each side open up little bench vise style clamps. You just put one end of your mesh sheet in one side and screw it tight followed by the other side. You do have to bend the sheet in an arc but I just used my finger and it worked well enough. Thanks to the design you no longer have to try and build your mesh coil around your wick as the spring loaded block can be pushed down to help ease your wick under the coil once it’s been secured. If you use the included Wotofo Agleted wicks it makes it even easier to slide your cotton through. With these mesh coils it takes quite a bit of cotton to really fill up the coil and the included agleted cotton is 6mm in diameter to give you an idea. I found it was almost too much cotton and needed to cut it back quite a bit before tucking it in but it did make the whole job a lot quicker and easier. Not only can you use the Profile for mesh but you can also use it for standard coils and the kit includes a nice framed staple Clapton. I did test it out with a beefy staple coil and it worked well enough but I did find it a bit awkward building with the vise style clamps when not using a mesh sheet.

As I’ve already alluded to the performance I’ve been getting from the Profile RDA has been fantastic. The flavour is rich and full and the clouds this thing puts out are impressive. I didn’t really test out Wotofos 30 puff claim before resaturating but I’m quite sure it can be done depending on how much cotton you manage to stuff in there. With the included 0.18ohm mesh coils the kit includes I found I only needed about 40w to get good performance from them but you can crank it up pretty high so long as you keep your cotton well saturated. It’s a fairly warm vape but it will really depend on how high you’re running it and how you have your airflow set but with such a thick cap it can retain a bit of heat after a while.


  • Innovative deck design
  • Fantastic flavour and vapour
  • Perforated airflow
  • Ease of use
  • Build quality/solid feel
  • Modest looks
  • Coil options(mesh/non-mesh)
  • Included mesh coils


  • No moderate airflow option
  • Top cap retains heat


I was very pleasantly surprised by the Profile RDA for not only its performance but its innovative design and quality construction. I’ve been enjoying mesh rebuildables since they started to take off and cotton collapse is a real issue especially for newer builders so it’s nice to see a solution to a common problem made available to mesh builders. I’ll admit it’s not exactly life altering but it is an absolutely genius solution to a simple problem that many of us have faced so hats off to Mr. JustRight and Wotofo for this innovative new RDA!! Wotofo were kind enough to send an extra Profile RDA in stainless steel for a giveaway so if you’re still reading click the Gleam giveaway link below to be entered to win. Canadian entrants only and must be legal vaping age in your Province.

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